All About Amerikey, Inc.

Amerikey, Inc. is a full service mobile locksmith and security systems company, proudly located in Brooklyn, New York. Amerikey is a fast growing mobile locksmith service with technicians in over 100 cities nationwide. We dispatch our mobile technicians from our headquarters based in Brooklyn, NY. Amerikey is a licensed and fully insured in all categories. Our technicians are certified and our staff go through extensive hands on training. We provide the following services, Locksmith, Security Systems & Safety Services for your home and business.

About Our History

Established in 2007, we started out as a small locksmith company providing residents of Brooklyn excellent service in addition to great security products to protect their homes and businesses. Amerikey has grown tremendously over the past few years reaching out to more areas and expanding its products inventory and services provided. Our strategy simply provides consumers with the proper security products maintaining a high level of security at an affordable price. Amerikey is proudly building its reputation for outstanding service and exceptional quality workmanship. Our client database has expanded due to these beliefs, and will continue to grow based on continuous efforts to provide locksmith & security systems services tailored to the consumer needs.

As we look forward into the future

  • Provide the best quality service to maximize the integrity of your security.
  • Expand our service geography providing more people with our exceptional service.
  • Online sales of security products at competitive rates to the consumer.
  • Provide professional security recommendations to whomever seeks.
  • Educate the consumer on common thieves trends & tactics.
  • Recycle old hardware, doing our little part for a greener tomorrow.
  • Respond quickly to emergency locksmith service needs.
Evolving to NYC locksmith demands.

In the past 2 decades New York City has reduced its burglary rate by 84.8%. CompStat With respect to city hall and the NYPD, the locksmith industry in NYC has contributed to this decline immensely providing residents with locksmith and security services. The ever growing and broad range of the locksmith industry reaches out to many types of security services to satisfy New Yorkers demand for personal & property safety. Having recognized this demand Amerikey has evolved from the basic mechanical locksmiths of just installing locks and cutting keys, to electronic security systems such as intercoms, surveillance systems, proximity access controlled doors, and much more. Browse through our products to get an idea of your options to securing your residence or place of business. Visit our services page to learn more about the diversity of security services that we provide.

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