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Why You Need a Door Alarm

Why You Need a Door Alarm

Most thieves will enter your home the same way you do: through the door. Therefore any decent locksmith will tell you that it’s crucial for doors to be a focus of any home security plan. Getting a residential locksmith to install a high-quality lock, and making sure you use it every time, is a good first step, but if you want to be truly secure then you should consider getting a door alarm as well.

Door alarms work by making a very loud noise that can be heard throughout the house, and sometimes even by the neighbors. With a door alarm, no-one will be getting into your home without you knowing about it. Even if you aren’t around, since burglars are extremely cautious about being detected while committing their crimes, the sound will be enough to send many of them fleeing. Door alarms have the additional benefit of being cheaper than many other security options, while still protecting your home where it’s most vulnerable. They are also generally simple to install.

Many door alarms also serve dual purposes, doubling as smoke detectors or lights. Furthermore, burglars might not be the only people you don’t want using your front door without you knowing about it. If you live with small children, elderly family members, or a person with special needs, a door alarm can be an invaluable tool to keep them from wandering off unnoticed.

What are my choices?

There are a variety of different door alarms to choose from, depending on your needs, price range, and preferences. The most common are battery-powered and use magnets to determine if a door is open or closed. If the door is opened and a code is not input into a keypad near the door then the alarm will sound. These kind of alarms are sometimes included as part of commercial home security systems, in which case they may also contact your security company or the authorities.

Wireless alarms

Your locksmith may also be able to provide you with what are called door knob alarms. These are generally wireless and have the simplest installation imaginable; you just hang them on the door knob! Some of these devices are activated by someone turning the knob, while others will sound if a would-be intruder so much as touches your door. Door stop alarms function in a similar manner. They are wedge-shaped, like an actual door stop, and triggered by someone putting pressure on the door in order to open it. They can also prevent the door from being opened at all.

Ultrasonic alarms

They may sound like something out of a science fiction movie but they’re very real! Ultrasonic door alarms fill a room with high frequency sound waves that can’t be heard by human ears. If someone enters the room without typing a passcode into a keypad then a loud alarm will sound. These alarms cover a much larger area, as they secure an entire room and not just the door, but they are more expensive than the other kinds of door alarms available.

The first step to keeping intruders out of your home is making sure they never get a foot in the door. With door alarms, you can be sure you’ve done just that.

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