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Prevent terrorist attcks from happening in your building

Protect your commercial building from terrorism

The horrific terrorist acts in Brussels, San Bernardino, Paris and other civilized nations around the world are a wake-up call to our buildings’ security. When is the last time – if ever – that your office building or building complex doors were inspected for the most basic forms of security? What you don't know may one day come to haunt you. Arming yourself with the right knowledge is the first step you can take to improve the security of your property.

They are coming to get us

It's no secret that terrorists are targeting high traffic areas. This can be bus or train terminals, ports, and other public places. As our local and state government agencies are coping with the new reality, they are placing higher security measures in these public areas. However, this does not deter terrorists from carrying out attacks, but only divert them to attack other places instead. These thugs will look to more vulnerable targets like shopping malls, high traffic office buildings, and theaters. Look around in many public venues such as parades, sporting events and concerts, you'll most likely see a large police presence. However, ask yourself, how safe and secure is your busy office building?

Learning from our friends

Look at Israel as an example, a country that has been dealing with terror since its inception in 1948. It’s a country that learned how to protect itself and its citizens from suicide bombings, random shootings and the recent outbreak of surprise street stabbings. Israel today is much safer than it has ever been. The credit belongs not only to the government for building walls or developing the Iron dome, but also to the Israeli citizens.

Property managers, large retailers, and even small business owners all take the security of their environment very seriously. When you drive into parking garages for public areas, there are checkpoints. A security guard asks you to open your trunk and talk to you, being polite but suspicious at the same time. When you walk into a busy cafe or restaurant, there is an armed guard at the door checking bags and asking if you have a weapon. Doors to certain areas are always locked and well secured using high security door locks from top quality brands like Mul-T-Lock®. Additionally, most doors have a door closer on them, making sure the door properly and securely closes after use. The Israelis have learned the hard way that terrorists don't care what the target is, as long as it’s easily accessible and causes a lot of collateral damage.

It’s our turn to act

A firefighter once told me he is less scared running into a burning building when he’s prepared and armed with the right tools. I guess this applies to everything else in life, including the safety of our property. Of course, it is always recommended to have security guards on the premises for all 24 hours. Adding the human factor into the equation is always a great benefit, but not all buildings possess the budget to do so. There are still many steps you can take to guard your property from terrorists.

Let’s start with a basic security analysis of the doors and hardware by a certified commercial locksmith. Choosing the right tradesman for the task is essential to maximizing success. A locksmith not only knows the door hardware well (locks, door closer, panic bars, etc..), but knows how to break into them efficiently. A good commercial locksmith keeps this in mind during installation. I myself always think of the best way to install a lock which will be hard to break into. Tightening the screws but not overdoing it, making sure the alignment is just right, taking care to install the correct hardware per the application requirements. It’s that locksmith pride in me to make sure the property is well secured, and I know my fellow tradesman have that same pride in them as well. When I used to train the newbies, they sometimes would try to prove that they can easily manipulate the lock’s security by using a door shimshimming the door lock. I always taught them to make sure the latch is in perfect alignment with the strike platedoor lock strike plate. This essentially prevents door shimming. Additionally, it’s good to have a latch guarddoor lock latch guard plate installed for added door shimming prevention.

Hire a Commercial Locksmith

As a licensed commercial locksmith, I always felt that it was my duty to inform the client of the property’s vulnerabilities. I have learned over the years that many customers have no clue to what door security really is. Rather, they just purchased the on-sale beautiful looking lock from the local Home Depot, and decided that this lock will essentially do the job. Oh, how wrong some can be. Never have they considered what type of door and frame exists, nor have they considered whether the lock is for commercial or residential use, will the lock stand up to heavy traffic, brutal weather and so on. Hiring a commercial locksmith saves you the time and energy in answering the questions I have just raised, plus the ones I haven't began to discuss.

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