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Safety in the Summer

Safety in the Summer: How Top Locksmiths Recommend You Take Home Security to the Next Level

Your security is a top concern all year long. Maybe you’ve already gotten in touch with your local locksmith. Hopefully you know what to do in the case of an emergency lock out and perhaps you’ve even gotten your locks updated recently (good for you! and if it’s been more than a year, it’s time to call your local locksmith to come over and have a look). But with the summer months arising, there’s another opportunity to reevaluate your home and automobile security with a few easy tips and ideas. Let’s take a look at some measures you may have already taken and then how you can improve on them to keep yourself secure through the summer months and well beyond.

Around the House

  1. Trimming the bushes. You may already know that having good, automatic lighting is a crucial anti-burglary measure, but have you thought about your landscaping as another element that can either protect or put your home at risk of burglary? That’s right: thieves love to have an easy place to hide, whether it’s in the dark or just behind that huge bush you have at the entrance of your yard. In the summer months, you’re surely thinking about doing some yard work, raking and planting new plants, but don’t overlook trimming back big bushes or trees. And this time of year, it’s sure that they will be in full bloom. Trimming back greenery in your yard will not only you keep your yard looking great, but it will also create an unfriendly environment for burglars. Another reason to get out and enjoy the sun, all the while working to secure your home!
  2. Keep all doors locked. Summer’s here and the warmer weather is an invitation to relax and hang loose. But when it comes to locking your doors, there’s no place for chilling out. Whether it’s your car or your house, it’s understandable that with warmer weather, you may be tempted to leave the doors open while you go on a quick walk around the block or chat with the neighbors in their yard. Spending more time outside is a definite plus of the summertime, but do so responsibly and don’t leave the doors unlocked, no matter how fast you think you’ll be back. This is a bad idea at ANY time of the year. You should go ahead and relax, but with the peace of mind that your house or car is secure and your safety, uncompromised.
  3. Don’t let your house look empty. For many families, summer means traveling and maybe spending longer than usual periods of time away from your home or apartment. Whether you’re going to be upstate for a long weekend or you’re out of town for two weeks, you need to think carefully about how to protect your home while you’re on vacation. One very easy way to protect your home is to install automatic lighting (yes, we’re mentioning it again because it’s THAT important and effective). You don’t want to leave your lights on while you’re gone for a week. That’s going to be quite expensive and ineffective anyways, since if someone is watching your house it’s pretty obvious to see straight through this ruse. Instead, professional locksmiths usually recommend a light system that will intermittently turn off and on lights in different rooms of your house while you’re away, making the house appear occupied as normal. Consider an alarm system that will send alerts straight to your phone, so should anything go awry while you’re away you will know immediately and not have to face any unpleasant surprises when the vacation is over.

Don’t forget to secure your Car!

You’ve already thought about securing your home while you’re away, but you don’t want to forget about your car either. If you’re leaving a car at home, try to keep it inside in a garage if possible, without any valuables in it. Just as with your home, you should always leave it locked. Keep the windows closed, whether you’re parking just for a little while to do errands and especially if you’re going to be away for an extended amount of time. Any concerns about the locks, alarm or anti-theft devices should be taken up with your automotive locksmith as soon as possible.

The summer months are a wonderful time of year for rejuvenation and fun in the sun. By taking just a few extra precautions with your home and automobile security, you will be able to enjoy these months all the more, knowing that your car and home are safe.

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