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Security Consultation, what you don't know can harm you!

An attack against you or your family, a fire in your home or place of business, or some other disaster can take place at any time. You have the power to prevent these disasters from even occurring. Being proactive when it comes to the safety and security is your key to security. Consider hiring a security expert to assess and recommend how your property's security level can be maintained or upgraded.

Tips on keeping your home safe and secure

Knowledge is key to the safety and security of your loved ones and property. What you don't know can ultimately hurt you physically or monetarily. Read up on the following tips and tricks, feel free to comment to share with others your ideas with others.

  • Use quality locks, preferably 2 for every exterior door on all entrances, including service doors and gates.
  • Have your lock cylinders upgraded to high security standards, which prevents lock picking.
  • Don't leave keys "hidden" outside of your home, especially NOT under the entrance door rug.
  • Keep doors locked even when you or your family are at home.
  • Install locks on your fuse boxes or power panel and other external power sources, to prevent intruders from tampering with the power and communication of your property.
  • Get window bars, especially for apartment units with a fire escape. Ask about FDNY approved window gates to comply with NYC code for fire safety.
  • Make sure your alarm systems are working properly and are being monitored by central station 24/7.
  • Check the batteries for all wireless sensors, for hardwired alarm systems check the power supply usually located by the main alarm panel.
  • Keep at least one fire extinguisher on each floor, in addition to one in the kitchen.
  • Regularly check smoke detectors and the replace batteries.
  • Install surveillance cameras around the exterior of your property to monitor activity.
  • Let children know they should never open the door for a stranger without an adult present.
  • Your business is preforming well, and has a lot of cash flow? Great! try not to show that off too much, bad people might get some bad ideas.
  • Make sure all the exterior doors are durable and properly installed.