Your privacy is our policy

Website Security

Any information we receive from you, your relatives and/or associates is placed under protection. Your contact information including, address, telephone numbers, fax or email address, is stored on our highly secure servers. Our secure servers are installed with electronic and managerial safeguarding applications to prevent unauthorized access to high sensitive information. The servers are updated daily preventing any potential security breach. Any information submitted online to us is not shared with third parties. Only authorized administrators have access to these records. All records accessed are monitored and recorded.

Payment Information

  • We do not store any credit card information.
  • Amerikey, Inc. is PCI security standard compliant.
  • We do not save personal or company check information, such as bank account or routing numbers.
  • Online payments are made on websites with SSL security certificates.
  • We use secure websites like PayPal to run credit cards.

Locks & Keys

We do not store any key code information of your house locks or vehicle locks. Once key codes are issued we use them to perform the work requested and then provide the card (if applicable) to the customer to keep in a safe and secure place. Automotive key codes are destroyed after they are used and so are security pins. Our technicians do not store vehicle diagnostic information as it takes up disk space and serves no purpose.

Work Performed

All of the work we perform stays strictly confidential, we do not advertise or provide details to anyone unless requested by you, about the type of security systems we have installed.