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Quality Hardware

We sell, install and repair commercial grade door locks, panic bars, door closers, buzzers and much more.

Mobile Locksmiths

Our field service technicians are fully equipped and ready to complete any task. No job it too big or small.

Long-Term Savings

We use long lasting high grade door locks and offer master key systems to save you money in the long run.

Commercial Locksmith Solutions

Amerikey locksmith services sell, install and repair all types of commercial locksmith hardware. We service many companies in Brooklyn, NY for their commercial locksmith services needs and are proud in securing the business all around Brooklyn in addition to providing key solutions that are convenient to the business owners and operators. Some of these solutions may include master key systems, key control, interchangeable cores, door control, surveillance systems/CCTV, buzzer systems, and high security commercial locksmith hardware. Don’t gamble with your business security. Amerikey has Locksmiths that are experts in choosing the right commercial hardware that will secure the premises of your business. Call today and ask about our free commercial locksmith security survey. Browse through our products and get familiar with the different types of commercial hardware available in the market today. Make sure your business is being monitored by an alarm company. It is recommended that business that collect cash should have a safe installed, check out the drop safes available in our products catalog. Retail business in Brooklyn NY often locks up with a roll down gate. Using high security commercial pad locks will offer better security. Make sure you have your commercial locks checked.