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Window Gates

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Security Bars - Child Guards - FDNY Approved

Window Security

The New York City Health Code requires owners of multiple dwellings to install child safety window guards when a child ten years old or younger lives in the apartment. The window guards are small barriers installed to protect children from falling out of the windows. However, to help ensure your safety during a fire, these guards must not be installed on your fire escape window.
Important message from the FDNY about Window Security Gates:
Some people install security bars or gates on their apartment windows to prevent intruders from entering their home. However, in the event of a fire, doing so may trap you and your family, as well as inhibit firefighter rescue. If your apartment building has an outside fire escape, only New York City Fire Department approved security gates that open without the use of a key may be installed on the fire escape window. This requirement also applies to any secondary exit window on the grade level. Installation of an unapproved gate is strictly prohibited in NYC. FDNY approved gates do not require the use of a tool, a key or special effort to open. When purchasing a security gate be sure that it is stamped or labeled with the FDNY approval number. After installing an approved security gate, make sure everyone in your home can operate the release devices. Remember to keep the fire escape window clear of all obstructions such as furniture, plants and air conditioners.